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Ted Metzger

Ted Metzger, M.D.

Glastonbury, CT, USA

I am a Board Certified Radiologist who has practiced for almost 30 years. Through diagnostic imaging, I have witnessed firsthand the increase in fatty liver disease, coronary and carotid disease and chronic diseases of aging... in a younger and younger population. The Diabetes and Obesity epidemics will be the ultimate burden on our current health system. I am also an endurance athlete, and marathoner with an interest in fat-adapted training and optimization. If we mitigate the root causes of inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction, perhaps we can live a vibrant, exciting, purposeful life. Perhaps we can live to play with our great-grandchildren. With that in mind, I began the deep dive into the world of Ancestral Health. I am a certified Primal Health Coach ( PHCI ) and certified Kion coach. I am also studying with Nora Gedgaudas. At PrimalMed, my wife and I hope to expand and create a model where we “feed your genes.” We look at ones genetic blueprint on a first macro, and then micro level to help see what works best for you. We focus on the basic pillars of health.. nutrition, meaningful movement, sleep, stress, community etc. As a physician, I can order and evaluate lab data and order and interpret imaging studies that will assist our clients. My wife, who is an RD who specializes in food sensitivities and functional nutrition can prescribe an optimal diet. PrimalMed is in its infancy and hopes to start engaging clients next year. Until then, we hope to educate and advocate ! We will be learning with the thought leaders in our tribe. Keep Calm and Primal On!

Anti-Aging and Longevity, Athletic Performance, Fat Loss, Fitness, Mental Health

Board Certified Radiologist
Certified Primal Health Coach

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