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Melanie Dresden

Melanie Dresden

Blair, NE, USA

I have always been active in sports, exercise, and fitness. I have competed in multiple spartan races, sprint, and long distance races as well as a fitness competition all while raising a family, attending grad school and having a career. I have over 8 years in the medical field which has allowed me to have an in more depth knowledge of the body and understanding how it works. My education in the medical field has since grown into preventative medicine while optimizing health and wellness by using nutrition, exercise, and supplements. Bio-hacking, self-experiments, and science have allowed me to stay active, lean and educated. I find great joy in knowing that I have a purpose to help people start and stay healthy.

Anti-Aging and Longevity, Fat Loss, Fitness, General Nutrition, Thyroid Disorders, Women’s Health

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse: ANCC certified. I am licensed only to practice medicine in my state of Nebraska. $60/hour

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