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Kyle Kinley

Kyle Kinley

Bellefonte, PA, USA

Interest in my own health and wellness got started back in early 2015 after I got tired of working as an Architectural Draftsman and packed my bags to travel to Phuket, Thailand to train Muay Thai. This trip shifted my mindset and I knew before returning that I was very interested in what made people "healthy." When I returned to the United States I became a personal trainer while I also came across Ben's Podcast and naturally became addicted. Soon thereafter, I heard about Ben's superhuman coach program (Ben's first coach certification program) and got signed up right away. Becoming a certified superhuman coach (in 2016) was a huge step and is when I started to work with clients online. Since then I have also become a Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle coach through the CHEK Insitute (2017) and now officially I am a certified KionU Coach.

I'm a health nerd just like Ben as I am constantly reading anything and everything about health, wellness, fitness, diet, sleep, etc. (although I'm not quite at a book a day more like a book a week). While I do have a general knowledge about most health areas I find anything to do with Gut health and Sleep to be my main areas of interest and where I have the most knowledge. These are the clients I find myself primarily working with and benefiting the most.

Detoxification, General Nutrition, Gut Health, Mental Health

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 - CHEK Institute 1-on-1 Coaching: $200-$600 per month

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