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Jean-Claude Legras

Jean-Claude Legras

Canterbury, Victoria, AU

I found that Strength and Conditioning training played a crucial role in preparing athletes to compete in Cross Country Skiing. But it was also a passion of mine to see everyone benefit from Strength and Conditioning programs, in addition too, and complimenting, whatever other training programs they may be utilizing to achieve their goals be it skiing, triathlons, mountain bike riding or marathon running – whatever the sport!

I have been lucky enough to participate in international sports having competed in Cycling and Cross Country Skiing. From this I naturally went into coaching and personal training roles in Cross Country Skiing, Outdoor Ed and general fitness. As time has passed and the more experienced we all get in our fields, I found that Strength & Conditioning training could take those really interested in a sport to a whole new level complimentary to their other activities.

ALTA Fitness is not just for high performing athletes, programs are tailored to anyone wanting to ‘raise their game’ or have ‘another go’ after a career break. Particularly those who have had injuries, Strength & Conditioning programs can get you back on course.

Today, through ALTA Fitness I have found that there is much to be gained by setting up a sound, realistic program that is getting results with many of my clients from those who are now competing at an international level, from clients who are recovering from a injuries set or from those who joints and muscles are just now not what they used to be! ALTA’s clients range from young teens to those in their 80’s – it is never too early or too late to be Fitter. Healthier, Happier

Anti-Aging and Longevity, Athletic Performance, Fitness, Senior’s Health,

Certificate III & IV in Personal Training - TAFE Victoria (2008)
Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach / Personal Trainer
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (1993)
Bachelor of Fine Arts - College of Idaho (1991)
Advanced First Aid (Reviva Training Australia, 2014)
Strength & Conditioning (Renewal, Level 1 and 2, 2014)
Athletic Trainer (Level 1, 2014)
Cross Country Ski Coach Certification (SSA, Level 2, 2012)
Effective Moment Training (EMT) Training (PT Academy, 2012)
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certification (Gray Cook, 2010)
Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (Sierra Nevada Community College, 2002)
Ski instructor Certification (Professional Ski Instructors America, Level 3, 1998)
Nordic Ski Instructor Certificate (Professional Ski Instructors Association, Level 3, 2001)" Face to Face Personal training: $150 hr
Specific training plan: $300 set-up, $150 re-evaluation
Rehabilitation: $150 hr
Phone consultation: $80

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