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CJ Thomas

CJ Thomas

St Louis, MO, USA

CJ's fascination with health and fitness began in high school as a state medalist wrestler. Despite having athletic success, he saw the physical toll this took on his body, his appearance, his skin, his hormones, and his emotional/mental wellbeing (coming as a result of being malnourished, over trained, and under slept). After years of studying nutrition as a hobby, CJ abandoned a career in real estate to dive head first into the field that had become his consuming passion. In the years that followed CJ became the head trainer, operator, and owner for St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp. He earned his training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He became a certified health coach through the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. And went on to become a coaching graduate of Kion University. CJ remains an avid reader and keeps his finger on the pulse of all the latest research in the realm of nutrition, fitness, and modern biohacking advances. The internet and mass media continue to pedal outdated theories and unverified myths about calories, sleep, and exercise. But CJ's made it his personal mission to sound the alarm on these common lies while inspiring the masses to become incrementally better versions of themselves.

Anti-Aging and Longevity, Fat Loss, Fitness, General Nutrition, Gut Health

NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine
ITN - Institute of Transformational Nutrition $100/hour for coaching calls
$350/month for comprehensive coaching support

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