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  • Are you struggling with joint discomfort, aches, or nagging injuries?
  • Does poor mobility and flexibility keep you from doing the activities you love?
  • Or do you simply want to feel amazing and recover quickly from your active lifestyle?

You’re about to discover an all-natural, research-backed solution that’s unlike anything else on the market.

It’s called Kion Flex.

Kion Flex is the only joint health supplement of its kind: Clinically-proven, natural, fast-acting, and effective.

Here’s why I created it and how it can help you...

Hi, I'm Ben Greenfield...

I'm an Ironman Triathlete, a New York Times Bestselling author, a longevity and fitness expert, and have been voted America's Top Personal Trainer.

I've dedicated my life to helping others get healthier, leaner, and stronger by providing the latest health and fitness information through my website, podcast, and personal coaching.

I've also used my own body as my biggest testing ground. With 13 Ironman Triathlons, dozens of Spartan races, and rigorous Navy SEAL trainings under my belt, I've put my body through the ringer and am no stranger to pain.

In fact, early on in my fitness career, in the midst of a rigorous back-to-back workout and competition schedule, I could feel my body and joints start to deteriorate, my injuries began stacking up, and my recovery times kept getting worse.

My typical pills and protocols weren’t cutting it anymore. I needed something else to support my body to recover and perform better.

I Went on a Quest To Find a Natural Solution to My Joint Problems

I bet you’re a lot like me: An extremely busy, active person that doesn’t want to waste your time or money on low-quality supplements, ineffective treatments, or potentially dangerous drugs.

You want solutions that work, that make you feel amazing, but are also safe enough to use every day.

That’s exactly why I went on a quest for ways to recover faster from workouts without destroying my body in the process.

And just like that, I became a guinea pig for every single joint supplement and therapy imaginable...

  • I tried the usual joint health supplements like glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and omega-3 essential fatty acids...
  • I shoveled down antioxidant-rich and joint-supporting foods, including bone broth, berries, fatty fish, and olive oil...
  • I even spent gobs of money on expensive therapies like PEMF, E-Stim, cryotherapy, sauna, deep tissue massage, and nearly a dozen other fringe treatments...

I left no stone unturned. I tried everything I could get my hands on, but still couldn’t shake the nagging aches and pains from my workouts.

Finally, I realized that if I wanted the ultimate formula to support my joints, facilitate faster recovery, and help me feel my best… I had to create it myself.

And after years of research and experimentation, I finally assembled the perfect combination of natural, science-backed ingredients and formulated them into a single supplement: Kion Flex.


I have been using the Flex supplement for over a month now. I bought it because I was having exercise-related shoulder pain. Now that pain is gone! In fact most of my joint aches and pains have smoothed out and vanished. I trust Kion because of the high quality ingredients and huge amount of thought and science that goes into the design of it. Thanks a lot! - Andrew


Quality, Research-Backed Ingredients

So since you’re probably wondering what the heck is in this stuff, here’s each of the quality, research-backed ingredients I hand-selected for this all-natural recovery formula...


Reduces Exercise-Related Joint Swelling and Tenderness

I bet you’ve heard of the powerful health benefits of turmeric by now. Most people attribute this to the curcuminoids in turmeric, which is why you’ll find curcumin in most joint health supplements.

But I’ve learned that there are actually a few downsides with only utilizing this part of the plant...

  • Curcuminoids are water insoluble, meaning they need to be combined with a fat to be absorbed by the body
  • Extracting curcuminoids often requires using solvents, which are harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to human health in high doses
  • When you only use curcuminoids, you’re missing out on other beneficial properties of turmeric

That’s why one of the main ingredients in my natural joint-health formula is Turmacin®, the first clinically-tested, water-soluble extract of turmeric that’s completely untouched by solvents.

This unique extract contains the highly bioactive polysaccharides of turmeric that provide significant joint health benefits.

In a clinical trial, Turmacin® improved the quality of life of people with joint problems by decreasing discomfort and improving the function of an affected joint study[1].

When I learned how effective Turmacin® was at increasing joint flexibility and reducing exercise-related joint tenderness and swelling, I knew it had to be an ingredient in my ultimate recovery supplement.


Improves Joint Comfort and Flexibility

When you don’t recover quickly enough after workouts, your tired, sore joints can negatively impact your athletic performance—and your quality of life—for days on end.

And with my training schedule, I rarely get a “day off”, which means I needed something to help with aches and soreness so I could keep up with my back-to-back workouts.

This brought me to the discovery of an Ayurvedic superfruit called Terminalia chebula. This amazing little fruit is high in antioxidants and has unique joint-supporting properties.

So I decided to add this ingredient to my recovery formula in the bioavailable form of AyuFlex®: A water-soluble, non-GMO, organic extract of Terminalia chebula. In clinical studies, AyuFlex® has been shown to reduce joint discomfort and soreness from exercise study[2].

This unique superfruit is a magic ingredient for keeping your joints healthy and feeling amazing.

Proteolytic Enzymes

Facilitates Exercise Recovery

Enzymes are the spark of life. Nothing happens in your body without some sort of enzyme activity, as they are the catalyst for every physiological function, most notably digestion and metabolism.

But it’s a little-known fact that enzymes are great for exercise recovery, too.

Certain proteolytic enzymes have been linked to faster recovery through their ability to break down amino acids that cause soreness in muscles. They also play a large role in supporting the body’s tissue repair process.

That’s why I added a joint-targeted proteolytic enzyme blend to Kion Flex as the final icing on the recovery cake.

When combined with the other ingredients, enzymes support athletic recovery so you can crush your daily workouts while still maintaining the health of your joints.


Works amazingly well… I am 51 years young, training for over 35 years, and have tried everything to hold on to my youth. Within a week of introducing Flex into my protocols, the stiffness and achiness in my joints from all my exercise have all but disappeared and I feel great. I highly recommend this product. - Tom


Clinically-Proven, Natural Joint Support

Being in my late 30s, often considered “old” for an athlete, Kion Flex has kept me feeling better than ever, even though my training, business, and travel schedule haven’t slowed down one bit.

Kion Flex’s naturally-derived ingredients have been clinically proven to*:

  • Reduce temporary, mild joint discomfort from overtraining
  • Decrease exercise-related soreness and swelling
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response to physical activity
  • Promote optimal joint health, flexibility, and mobility

And there’s nothing else like it on the market.


First of all, I’m not an elite athlete. I’m 58 years old... I bought Kion Flex for occasional knee issues. I noticed a difference right away. I’m able to walk my three miles a day without pain! I have purchased thousands of products over the last several years, but this one delivered. Thanks! - Vicki


Finally… An All-Natural Recovery Formula That You Can Feel

There you have it, the complete blend of quality, research-backed ingredients in Kion Flex:

  • Turmacin®, the first water-soluble extract of turmeric with powerful turmerosaccharides to support a healthy inflammatory response
  • AyuFlex®, Ayurvedic superfruit extract shown to reduce temporary joint discomfort from exercise
  • Proteolytic enzymes, the catalysts your body needs to recover from exercise

What’s unique about these ingredients is that they are all naturally-derived and backed by third-party clinical research.

And they work.

Most athletes that train and compete like I do would be limping around at this point in their career. But I haven’t skipped a beat.

My joint health and mobility have never been better...
My body bounces back faster than ever...
And I continue to train and perform like I’m in my early 20s.

I owe much of that to Kion Flex.



Reduce mild, temporary joint discomfort, soreness, and swelling from overuse with this fast-acting blend of clinically-proven, natural ingredients


Stop Letting Achy Joints and Sore Muscles Keep You From Living The Life You Love

Whether you’re a professional racer or triathlete, a yogi or a gym rat, or you simply want to maintain healthy joints to play with your kids and grandkids...

There's no reason to suffer through nagging joint discomfort, aching muscles, or limited mobility when you could be feeling phenomenal.

Kion Flex is the natural, trusted solution you’ve been looking for to help you perform and feel your best.

I can’t imagine training—or life—without it.


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