Get the Lean Body You Want, and the Energy You Deserve.

There's one essential supplement that can help you build lean muscle, boost your energy, and fuel your workouts...While also saving you time, money, and effort.

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Get the Lean Body You Want, and the Energy You Deserve.

There's one essential supplement that can help you build lean muscle, boost your energy, and fuel your workouts...While also saving you time, money, and effort.

Get Kion Aminos Now

Low Calorie

Less than 5 calories per serving.

Nothing Artificial

No fake ingredients, preservatives, or added sugar.


Derived completely from plant sources and 100% vegan.

Is an Amino Acid Deficiency Holding You Back?

Many of us understand the importance of getting enough protein in our diets, especially when it comes to having an active, healthy, lean body.

But did you know most of the benefits actually come from the amino acids in protein?

Amino acids are the building blocks of life, and your body needs them for hundreds of basic functions, to produce energy, and to nourish and grow lean muscle. In fact, amino acids are essential for optimal health.

A deficiency in amino acids can wreak havoc on your health and lead to problems like low energy, a weakened immune system, a lack of muscle tone and strength, disrupted sleep, brain fog, and more.*

You can get amino acids from eating protein-rich foods, but there are many issues with relying on diet alone.

Some foods, like plant sources, have incomplete amino acid profiles, meaning you aren’t getting the full spectrum you need. And even if you eat animal protein, you’re likely not getting as many amino acids as you need due to poor absorption and the digestive process. Plus, simply relying on high-quality dietary protein can be expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient.

Luckily, there’s a better option out there that’s easier on your wallet and waistline… Essential amino acids.

Get Kion Aminos Now

Stop Wasting Time and Money. Switch to EAAs.

The truth is, you don’t have to spend tons of time, money, and effort on preparing and eating high-quality protein to get the benefits of amino acids. You can go straight to the source with an essential amino acids (EAA) supplement!

Fast, Clean Energy

Amino acids provide the body with a fast, stable source of energy. No jitters, no crash, no extra calories.

Lean Muscle

Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. By getting adequate amounts, you can build and maintain a lean, toned, strong body.*

Reduced Cravings

Amino acids have an appetite-stimulating effect, meaning they keep you full and satiated for longer.* No more sugar cravings!

Exercise Recovery

Not only do amino acids provide your body the fuel it needs for exercise, they also support your muscles in recovering faster from workouts. Meaning you can get back in the gym faster, without having to battle soreness.*

Better Sleep

Certain amino acids support your body in producing sleep hormones. By taking amino acids, you can help your body get deeper, more restorative sleep.*

“I’ve really noticed a big difference in my muscle tone.”


Seriously amazing product! I’ve really noticed a big difference in my muscle tone. I don’t even take any other protein supplements now and I seem to be recovering very fast. I can’t recommend these highly enough. The berry flavor is delicious.


Great product. Tastes good taken with water or straight from the container. I prefer working out in the late afternoon, about 3-4 hours after my last meal. Kion essential amino acids are my go-to supplement to take pre-workout, and I appreciate how pure they are.


I started taking these a few weeks ago and idk if it’s in my head but I feel like I’ve noticed an increase in my muscle mass!!! I know aminos are more for recovery but obviously that contributes to gains so either way I’m loving these!

Amino Acids are *Essential* For a Lean, Healthy Body

Your body generally gets amino acids from the protein you consume as food. But your body’s amino acid utilization from common protein sources is often less than 50% of their content, with the rest being excess calories and waste. About 48% of egg protein is utilized by your body, less than 32% for meat, poultry and fish, less than 18% of whey and soy protein, and only 1% of branched chain amino acids are utilized by the body.

The amino acid utilization of Kion Aminos is a whopping 99% within ~20 minutes of consumption, meaning your body is actually absorbing and utilizing the essential amino acids it needs.*

So if you’re running from the gym, in need of a quick energy boost, staving off hunger pangs, or in the middle of a long workout, you can easily give your body the support it needs with Kion Aminos – and fast.

Bye, Bye Canned Tuna.

Kion Aminos Is Your New On-The-Go Fuel.

High-quality animal protein is expensive.

A one-month supply of Kion Aminos is the only supplement you need to boost your energy, support lean muscle mass, and fuel your workouts.*

Not all amino acid supplements are this clean.

Most contain added sugar, extra calories, stimulants, or artificial ingredients. Kion Aminos doesn't.

We promise you’ll love it, or you'll get your money back.

Not satisfied with your results? No problem. If you tell us within 30 days of your product being shipped, we’ll send you a refund.

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In Case You Still Have Questions.

Kion Aminos are completely plant-based and extracted from natural amino acid sources like beans and peas.

Kion EAAs contain 8 of the 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAAs). Our formulation excludes Histidine because blood Histidine levels will rise naturally when you consume the other EAAs.

You can take Kion Aminos at any time around your workout, depending on your personal goals. Take them 20-30 minutes before a workout as a pre-workout boost or to support fasted exercise. They can also be taken during longer workout sessions. For improved athletic recovery, take your Aminos within 1 hour after working out.

Yes, Kion Aminos are completely plant-based and free of gluten, wheat, corn, soy, rice, and animal products.